Contracts & Commercial

GTCI’s Services criteria for Project Contract Requirements in Bidding & pre-award Phase. Prior to the client entering into a Prime Contract with an end user (owner) , TCI ensures that:


The Technical and T&Cs requirements are adequately defined, understood, and documented.


Any and all deviation or clarifications to the proposal terms and conditions shall be bilaterally negotiated and resolved.


Client has the capability to meet the contractual requirements.


Project risks have been identified and adequately mitigated and/or addressed in the proposal.

GTCI's Services criteria

For Project Contract Requirements In Execution Phase

  • Executed Contract document
  • Preparation of baseline contract matrix
  • Interim updates & monitoring
  • Quantity tracking and surveying
  • Prime contract administration and management
  • Design engineering interim milestones to achieve project milestones.
  • Change management including variations orders processing.
  • Subcontract administration and management
  • Schedule delay analysis, claims avoidance, and corrective measures
  • Budget Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • HSE (Health Safety Environmental) analysis

GTCI's Services criteria

for post contract requirements

  • Claims preparation and management
  • Evaluation of liabilities
  • Project delay Analysis, prepare extension of time claims with client and defend extension of time delays by subcontractors
  • Cost& quantity analysis
  • Settlement negotiation discussions
  • Case management in event of dispute
  • Milestone Payment review and authorization
  • Annual review of License, Permits, and regulatory review
  • Annual review of Insurances, Bonds, Guarantees
  • Subcontract Close-out
  • Prime Contract Close-out
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