Manufacturing Capabilities

We offer a range of electrical solutions  from servicing to contracting

High, Medium & Low Voltage Power Transmission

Al-Tawakol, a licensed company by ETC in Egypt, manufactures and supplies transmission towers for low, medium, and high voltages between 66KV and 500KV.

Telecommunication Towers

Al-Tawakol for steel fabrication & galvanization is a manufacturer & supplier for Telecommunication Towers.

Cable Management System Factory

The factory specializes in providing solutions for all cable management systems needs, including cable trays, ladders, and trunks, along with their mounting and installation accessories.

Lighting Poles Factory

Al Tawakol produces steel and aluminum lighting poles for street and highway applications, offering high mast poles up to 35mt height and 120+ decorative designs.

High Mast Poles

Al Tawakol offers customized solutions for floodlighting steel poles, adhering to international standards and safety-accredited design. They produce high-mast poles from 12Mt to 35Mt heights, using in-house hot-dip galvanization.

Low Voltage Panels Factory

Al Tawakol designs, assembles, supplies, and services various Low Voltage Panels for various applications, including motor control centers and lighting panels, as a Prisma partner for Schneider Electric.

Electrostatic Epoxy Painting Facility

Al Tawakol Design offers in-house epoxy and polyester painting services, providing surface hardness, resistance against corrosion, scratches, chemicals, and UV rays, with no color changes over time.

Power System Solutions

Al Tawakol is committed to delivering and servicing best-in-class integrated power solutions that meet international standards and are ISO 9001 quality certified at the most competitive costs.

Lighting Fixtures Products Factory

Al Tawakol produces innovative indoor, outdoor, and industrial lighting fixtures using latest technologies, partnering with over 20 world-class brands to meet market needs..

Hot Dip Galvanization Facility

Al Tawakol offers state-of-the-art galvanization services, using a hot dip process to encapsulate steel elements in zinc, resulting in a plating thickness of 45-85 um.

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