Procurement & Logistics &
Materials Management


logistics & materials

TCI developed procedures and forms for client and trained staff to supervise procedures implementation for major EPC Power projects. 

project desrciption

Job Site Conditions, Scope of Work (function and for facilities) Owner, Main contractor, Engineering contractor(s), Construction contractor(s).

materials functional responsibilities

including Project Organization of Owners and Contractors, Division of Responsibilities Responsibility matrix.

prefabrication considerations & cost requirment

including overall Project Schedule and Major Milestones including Critical equipment and materials/services, Procurement and material delivery milestones, Infrastructure (roads, buildings, docks, etc.)

Materials & Equipment requirments

Including Definitions and Scope Requirement, Engineered Materials, Bulk Materials, Prefabricated Materials.

Procurement & materials management

including Approved Supplier List, Procurement Contract Terms and Conditions, Forms and Procedures, Value Engineering.


including Subcontractor's List, Terms and Conditions, Contracting Plans, and Special Site Requirements.


including Expediting Plan, Project Interaction and Field Interface, Source of Personnel (In-house versus Contracted Service).

materials management systems updating

including Reports and Alerts, Material Request for Inspection, Supplier Witness/Hold points, Resolution of Overage, Shortage, and Damages.

quality plan

Including Design Phase, Supplier Pre-Award Phase, Supplier Post Award Phase, and Shop Inspection Plan.

transportation requirements

including, Supplier Freight Terms, Route Alternatives and Constraints (Route Surveys), National Agreements, Local Traffic and Transportation Considerations, Shipping Alternatives (Routing Guide)

material control

including Site Material Control Philosophy, Site Access/ Security, Site Materials Management, Receiving, Storage Facilities, Equipment Storage Protection/ Maintenance, Inventory Control and Reporting.

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